Below is a list of the Awards presented at American Legion Jersey Boys State.

Todd Eaton Award Winners

The Todd Eaton Award is presented annually to the statesmen who most resembles the qualities of Todd and the spirit of the ALJBS program. Todd was the grandson of Harold “Chief” Eaton, and served as a volunteer and “runner” for eight years prior to attending the ALJBS program as a statesman in 1986; Todd was the unsung hero. He was a reserved, respectful, and helpful young man. He went above and beyond to take care of others within his boys state city and made sure they had a great week. He was not one for the limelight, he was not the big winner, instead he worked behind the scenes to help his Boys State city. A more reserved young man, he was kind and helpful to others. He wasn’t the young man who ran for everything and won, and he wasn’t someone who ran for every position available and lost. He is what the program is all about, someone who learns from the experience. Todd tragically lost his life in an automobile accident while enrolled as a Rutgers University student. He was visiting friends in Ohio in May 1988. This award was esablished during the 43rd session in June 1988, the inagural winner was granted to a city counselor: E. Drew Britcher. Subsequent winners of this award were statesmen.

Daniel Bellomo, 2002 winner was from City #1
Jordan I. Rothman, 2004 winner was from City #12
Jordan T. Smart, 2005 winner was from City #14
David J. Concodora, 2006 winner was from City #3
Jim V. Tumolo, 2007 winner was from City #15
Alex J. Hickman, 2008 winner was from City #7
Derek J. Boyle, 2009 winner was from City #2
Michael L. Duffy, 2010 winner was from City #4
James J. LaFaso, 2011 winner was from City #9
Logan W. Greer, 2012 winner was from City #5
Fralvin Munoz, 2013 winner was from City #11
Jake E. Tennenbaum, 2014 winner was from City #16
John J. DiNofrio, 2015 winner was from City #13
Tariq S. Ali, 2016 winner was from City #6
Stephen J. Rampolla, 2017 winner was from City #17
Tyler Sindel, 2018 winner was from City #16
Ravi J. D’Elia, 2019 winner was from City #10

Gordon A. Vreeland Award Winners

The Gordon A. Vreeland Award was established in 2009 by the staff of the ALJBS program. The award is given annually to the “Best Statesman” and is named in honor of former “First Assistant Director,” Gordon A. Vreeland. Gordon was a 1959 statesman and served on staff every year until his retirement after the 2013 session. Gordon has the distinction of being the longest serving member of the staff, ever, 2013 was his 54th year as a volunteer. The award is given annually to the statesman who best exemplifies dedication and achievement at the Jersey Boys State program.

Liguo Shan, 2009 winner (City #14)
Jeremy I. Kaye, 2010 winner (City #7)
Michael F. Shay, 2011 winner (City #14)
Nauman Z. Ahmad, 2012 winner (City #1)
Prajay N. Tipre, 2013 winner (City #16)
Michael J. Bizzoco, 2014 winner (City #2)
Michael J. Avallone, 2015 winner (City #1)
Charles A. Curtis-Thomas, 2016 winner (City #6)
Spencer D. Cowen, 2017 winner (City #6)
Brenden M. Swanik, 2018 winner (City #12)
Oliver M. Adler, 2019 winner (City #2)

Walter and Evelyn Howell Outstanding City Award Winners

The Howell Outstanding City is an award presented annually to the best performing city at Amercian Legion Jersey Boys State. All statesmen are graded on their City Manuals, overall presentation and results from the ALJBS Exam. The Best City is presented a special guide-on prior to Friday’s graduation ceremony and is seated at the front of the graduation ceremony.

1997: Buchanan City #14
2003: Adams City #2
2006: Monroe City #5
2007: Polk City #10
2008: Adams City #2
2009: Taylor City #11
2010: Washington City #1
2011: Taylor City #11
2012: Pierce City #13
2013: Jackson City #6
2014: Adams City #2
2015: Madison City #4
2016: Monroe City #5
2017: Jefferson City #3
2018: Van Buren City #7
2019: Madison City #4

Harold and Lillian Eaton Outstanding County Award Winners

The Eaton Outstanding County is an award presented annually to one county who performs the best in the following categories: Election participation, County Manual, and Sports results at Amercian Legion Jersey Boys State. Overall presentation also plays a part in the results. The two cities that make up the Best County are presented special guide-ons prior to Friday’s graduation and sit just behind the Howell Oustanding City award winners.

2006: Nimitz County #300 – Cities #5 and #6
2007: Nimitz County #300 – Cities #5 and #6
2008: Halsey County #100 – Cities #1 and #2
2009: Halsey County #100 – Cities #1 and #2
2010: Ridgway County #500 – Cities #9 and #10
2011: MacArthur County #400 – Cities #7 and #8
2012: Ridgway County #500 – Cities #9 and #10
2013: Ridgway County #500 – Cities #9 and #10
2014: Bradley County #800 – Cities #15 and #16
2015: Eisenhower County #700 – Cities #13 and #14
2016: Nimitz County #300 – Cities #5 and #6
2017: Schwarzkopf County #900 – Cities #17 and #18
2018: Eisenhower County #700 – Cities #13 and #14
2019: Vandenberg County #600 – Cities #11 and #12

Harry V. Groome Award Winners

Harry Groome was a Founding Father of the Boys State program here in NJ back in 1946. He served for years as the Assistant Director and right-hand man of Harold “Chief” Eaton, the first Director of the program. This award is given annually and honors the most outstanding staff member of the volunteer staff of American Legion Jersey Boys State. Many of the staff don’t just volunteer their time for the week-long program, instead they spend much of the “off-season” preparing. Below are a list of honorees of this distinguished award.

Fred A. LiCausi
William T. Zweir
Gregory Telischak
Everard H. Eaton
Art Anderson
Jim Bracchitta, 1981
Gordon A. Vreeland, 1987
David S. Bagatelle, 1991
William H. Breen, 2002
Dorothy R. Bonnaviat, 2003
Brian E. Epstein, 2004
Jeremy C. Minarcik, 2005
Dominic F. Santillo, 2006
Adam E. Polhemus, 2007
Shane A. Mata, 2008
George A. Heupel, 2009
John P. Migaleddi, 2010
Charles W. Smith, 2011
Robert M. Lasky, 2012
Andrew Robertson, 2013
Anthony Lori, 2014
James G. Lynch, 2015
Bryce L. Liskovec, 2016
Justin L. Gianndrea, 2017
Joseph M. Demyon, 2018
Gregory B. Wilson, 2019
Joseph P. Gould, 2021
Ty A. Clark, 2022