Public Safety

In-Session Information

  • Emergencies. For immediate medical attention, please dial 9-1-1.
  • Need Medical Attention? If you require any type of medical attention, please inform your Counselor. Should an emergency arise, your Counselor will follow medical procedures to get you immediate aid.
  • Medical Staff. The 100% volunteer staff of American Legion Jersey Boys State (ALJBS) each session assembles a team of certified medical professionals (Doctor(s), nurses, EMT’s and other public safety professionals) to staff ALJBS EMS.
  • EMS Location. Each year, EMS services are established in one of the dormitories on the Rider’s campus and EMS staff additionally serve as Counselors in ALJBS cities. City Counselors are the first point of contact and as warranted refer medical cases to the ALJBS EMS.
  • EMS Coordination. The ALJBS Dean of Public Safety coordinates with Rider Public Safety, Lawrence Township Police & EMS and Capital Health EMS Services to manage care.
  • Confidentiality. All medical information will be kept confidential and secured during the session. 

CampSite Medical Profile and ALJBS Physician Statement

All applicants will be required to complete their medical profile on CampSite. The secure medical profile is a valuable tool for our volunteer EMS team, allowing them to quickly access important medical information at the time they are administering care. Completing the Medical Profile is easy once you have completed registration and your registration is accepted. To complete the medical profile:

  • Once your registration is accepted, log into CampSite (American Legion Jersey Boys State ( using your username and password.
  • Select “Forms” on the sidebar. Complete the following three sections of the Health History Form:
    • General Information & Health History
    • Allergies & Medications
    • Insurance Information & Permission to Treat
  • After completing the Health History Form, download the “ALJBS Physician Statement” and have your family physician complete the statement.
  • Once completed, scan the statement into your personal computer or take a photo of the ‘physician statement’ with a mobile device.
  • Log into CampSite, click on “ALJBS Physician Statement’ webpage, and click ‘upload’ to upload your form.
  • You have now completed the medical requirements. If follow-up is required, a member of ALJBS EMS staff will contact you.
    • Note: You can upload a school sports or medical physical, provided it is within one year of the start of the ALJBS session, in lieu of the ALJBS Physician Statement.

Food Allergies and Special Diets

ALJBS partners with Rider University’s Daly Dining Hall food vendor for all food allergy or special diet accommodations. Rider, as a major university campus with a full-service food service program, is accustomed to accommodating a wide range of special diets and food allergies. As such, ALJBS works closely with Rider’s food service to ensure that all delegates are fed well and appropriately. For example, Daly Dining Hall has a food-preparation station that bars ingredients that cause major food allergies called G-8. The station serves food free of the eight major food allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, milk, eggs, wheat and soy. At lunch on Sunday, delegates should connect with the Dining Service staff, who will introduce the delegate to the Dining Service Manager. The Manager will walk through the cafeteria and highlight all the appropriate food service areas and foods. Although not necessary or suggested, any delegate with food allergies and special diets can bring their own non-perishable, supplemental food. 

Special Rooming Considerations for Delegates with Mobility Issues

ALJBS, along with Rider University, fully support all delegates in attending and successfully completing the delegate experience while on campus. Accommodations and equal access will be afforded any delegate with mobility issues or a qualifying documented disability. If you have any concerns, please contact

Medication Policy

All medication taken by a delegate must be identified and declared to the statesman’s Senior City Counselor, who will inform a member of the ALJBS EMS staff. Statesman with non-narcotic medication who currently self-medicate can do so at ALJBS with parental consent. Narcotic medication and medication that requires administration by a nurse MUST be reported to your counselor and WILL be stored and secured in the EMS office. Narcotic medication cannot be stored in a delegate’s room. Any medication requiring refrigeration will be stored in the EMS office. If a delegate is prescribed a narcotic or needs assistance with taking their medication, a consultation with EMS Staff, the statesman’s Senior City Counselor and the statesman (with parents/guardians, if needed) will occur on Sunday.

Public Safety Coordination

The safety and well-being of all members of ALJBS and the Rider community – students, faculty, staff and visitors – are of utmost importance to the ALJBS, Rider University and a primary responsibility of both ALJBS staff and the Rider Department of Public Safety (DPS). ALJBS joins Rider DPS in the responsibility for the protection of life and property, the enforcement of university policies, the prevention and detection of on-campus crimes and other violations, emergency response management, and other safety services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to complete all the questions and fields on the CampSite form(s)

    YES: Answering the Campsite form accurately will enable our EMS staff to report on high-risk conditions, help identify medical allergies and coordinate a medication schedule.
  2. How long is a School Sports or Medical Physical from a physician valid?

    One (1) year from the start of our session. Please upload your document in CampSite.
  3. Is a Physical or ALJBS Physician’s Statement required?

    YES. Please enter pertinent medical history in the medical portion of CampSite. Print the ALJBS Physician’s Statement and have your family physician (or leverage a valid school sports or medical physical) complete the statement. Once completed, scan in or take a photo of the physician authorization page and upload to Camspite.
  4. Should I print and bring any medical information with me?

    NO. Unless directed by the ALJBS EMS staff or another official of ALJBS, it is expected that ALL medical history information will be stored within CampSite. Do not bring any signed copies to registration.
  5. I can’t find my answer here. Who should I contact?

    Contact with any questions not answered by this page.