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ALJBS Corporation Annual Meeting

Senator Quinn, LtGov Meyer and Governor Lin alongside select Trustees of the ALJBS Corporation

Above from left to right: 2019-20 American Legion Department of New Jersey Commander Robert B. Newell, ALJBS Corporation Vice President Berley Hanna Jr., President Ted Howarth, 2019 Boys Nation Senator Kyle Quinn, Lieutenant Governor Sullivan Meyer, 74th ALJBS Governor Charles Lin and ALJBS Executive Director David S. Bagatelle.

This morning at the annual meeting of the American Legion Jersey Boys State Corporation, members of the board of trustees heard from Lieutenant Governor Sullivan Meyer [Fillmore City #12] of Pennington (Mercer County), Post #339, Governor Charles Lin [Buchanan City #14] of North Brunswick (Middlesex County), Post #12 and Senator Kyle Quinn [Washington City #1] of Montville (Morris County), Post #43. The Corporation trustees also viewed a recap video of the 2019 session and received a report of the session from Executive Director Bagatelle. The Board of Trustees of the ALJBS Corporation is the governing body that establishes an annual budget, approves policies and procedures, and appoints a program Director on an annual basis. The board of trustees includes volunteer staff, county boys state chairpersons, post chairpersons and members of the American Legion Department of New Jersey Executive Committee.

originally posted September 15, 2019