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Christopher Biehn Wins 2013 ALJBS Governor Election

Federalists hold the office for another year

(L to R) Lt. Gov. Prajay Tipre, Director David Bagatelle, Gov. Christopher Biehn

Christopher Biehn [Washington City #1] of Medford (Burlington County), Post #526 has won the 2013 ALJBS Governor election.

Biehn, Lieutenant Governor Prajay Tipre [Johnson City #16] of Princeton (Mercer County), Post #148, and State Party Chairman Aidan Byrnes [Adams City #2] of Red Bank (Monmouth County), Post #338 shared a hug after Director Bagatelle announced the results around 3:00 PM.

Biehn, the 68th ALJBS governor, and Tipre posed for photos and shook the congratulatory hands of delegates before being escorted to their office in New Jersey State Police squad cars. The governor and his cabinet will announce appointments later tonight.

originally posted June 20, 2013 0330