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Gubernatorial Candidates decided!

64th Governor set to be Eric Wei or Kirby Chery

Gubernatorial Candidates Wei and Chery meet with past Governors Jon Prober and Tarence Smith

With the week half way over, the 2009 delegation has been busy electing mayors, councilmen, county freeholders, state senators and by tomorrow at 3pm, the 64th ALJBS Governor. At the 2:45pm assembly on Wednesday, the delegates were addressed by State of NJ Governor Jon Corzine who announced the Federalist candidate for Governor Kirby Chery (West Orange, Essex County Post #5) and Nationalist Candidate Eric Wei (Moorestown, Burlington County Post #42).

After sessions with their respective State Party Executive Committees, Nationalist Eric Wei of Lincoln City #15 chose Dylan J Kaplan of Van Buren City #7 (Jackson, Ocean County Post #504) and Federalist Kirby Chery chose Timothy B Flank of Monroe City #5 (Sewell, Gloucester County Post #521). In the morning, all candidates will give speeches and answer questions from the full delegation prior to the afternoon vote in the Alumni Gym. By 2:45pm, the 64th ALJBS Governor and 1st Lt. Governor will be chosen as a ticket.

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originally posted June 24, 2009