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Ernest Park elected 62nd ALJBS Governor

In a tight race, Ernest Park of Plainsboro (Mercer) wins election

Governor Ernie Park of the Nationialist Party from City #4 wins election

Ernest Park is now the 62nd American Legion Jersey Boys State Governor. Elected by his fellow statesmen on Thursday June 21 and the announcement came shortly after 2:45pm when he was then whisked away in a NJ State Police vehicle to his office to begin filling his Gubenatorial appointments. Ernie, the Nationalist party member hails from ALJBS City #4 - Madison and was sponsored by Post #339. Ernie resides in Plainsboro (Mercer County).

Ernie and the 770 other delegates will begin to make their way to the Rider University campus mall for Family Day on Friday at approximately 11:00am. Family Day is an opportunity for parents and families of the delegates to meet other delegates from their Boys State city and enjoy a picnic prior to the ALJBS Graduation Ceremony at 1:30pm. Friday looks to be a beautiful day, so come on out and enjoy the time with your son.

originally posted June 21, 2007