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New Feature of is started by William Queale, Jr.

June 1953. The first Corvette was about to roll off the line, Egypt declared itself a Republic, and Tony Blair is but a month old. It was the beginning of the Cold War, just after the Korean War. I Love Lucy was the hit show on television that year and Ben Hogan won three Golf majors. 1953 was also the Eighth Session of American Legion Jersey Boys State. John H Lewis, Jr. of Lafayette (Sussex), New Jersey (Post # 258) was elected Governor of ALJBS, and William Queale, Jr. was a delegate. William, from Gloucester County, would later go on to a career as a Planning Consultant, in which he was retained in 150 different towns and cities across NJ. Below is a photo submission from Mr. Queale. Our sincerest thanks go out to Mr. Queale for helping get this archive project started.

William Queale, top row, 3rd from left.

originally posted Thursday, April 6, 2006
Information obtained online at Wikipedia.