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Delegates represent NJ at Boys Nation

Michael Bzozowski and Eugene Cheval excel in D.C.

The day, June 24, 2005. It's "Family Day" and the last day of American Legion Jersey Boys State, held on the campus of Rider University. All week, the 841 delegates have jockeyed for political position in their respective ficticous political parties. The moment of truth for four young men who have campaigned longer into the week for their chance to represent NJ at Boys Nation. As Boys Nation senators they will travel to Washington D.C. in late July, meet the President of the United States and visit the Lincoln Memorial & Arlington National Cemetary to name a few. During the closing ceremony in the Alumni Gym, Michael Bzozowski (Moorestown, Burlington County) of Adams City and Eugene Cheval (Wayne, Passaic County) of Jefferson City are named NJ's Boys Nation Senators for 2005.

"Boys Nation was truly a week that shapes a lifetime. I shall never forget the friends or memories I made at Boys Nation." - Gene Cheval, Wayne, NJ

Boys Nation Profile for Michael Bzozowski Boys Nation Profile for Eugene Cheval

originally posted Monday, August 1, 2005