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Off-season preparations underway for 2022

ALJBS 2022 to be held June 19-24

Preparations are underway for the 76th session of ALJBS to be held June 19-24, 2022 at Rider University. The Senior Staff have been busy in the off-season closing out the 2021 session, and making upgrades to our website, online systems and other upgrades for 2022 which are nearly complete. We anticipate that our Online Application System will be open in early February.

To answer some of our common questions. First, the Junior Assistant Counselor information page has answers regarding timeline of invites, etc. Applications for members of staff are being accepted through mid-February.

Next, for high school juniors who want to find out how to attend our program, please visit our Delegate Information page to see how the application process works. Please note you can only APPLY ONLINE!

To the 2021 alumni, best wishes on your senior year (and some closing out their collegiate freshmen year!). We hope that you are putting to use the skills attained at ALJBS and continue making an impact on your communities. To those hoping to see us in June 2022 - our website should have all the answers to your questions, keep checking back as we progress toward Father's Day and "A Week That Shapes the Future."

Lastly, feel free to use the search feature on our site. As a last resort, we welcome your feedback through this online form.

originally posted January 18, 2022