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ALJBS Packet Delays

Estimated Emails 6/17/2021

  1. CampDoc Online Medical Form is live. Please ensure that you have started by logging in through

  2. ALJBS 2021 COVID Protocols have changed. Please see the News/Articles page to see details from our post of June 5.

  3. ALJBS 2021 Email Packets are delayed. We are working to add in all documents for this special post COVID-19 session. Your patience is appreciated.

Our FINAL REVISED ALJBS 2021 COVID Protocols can be found here

Highlights of the changes to ALJBS 2021 COVID Protocols:

  • No COVID-19 testing requirement for those fully vaccinated
  • Reduced masking requirement outdoors
  • No other significant changes

Please see our Medical Information page for more information. CampDoc may be accessed through with the email used to complete the online application. If you have any questions about CampDoc or submitting their medical information, please send them to: our medical team.

For the most up-to-date information regarding American Legion Jersey Boys State, you should continue to refer to our website at

originally posted June 16, 2021