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New On-line Medical Form Launches

CampDoc replaces paper medical form

As of May 2, the new on-line medical form is available to all 2019 ALJBS applicants via the On-line Application System. All applicants who have already completed their application will be receiving an email with instructions to complete the medical form. All new applicants will see the medical form pop up in their workflow once their PDF is generated. For more information about the on-line medical form and our integration into CampDoc please click here.

2019 participants are encouraged to check the top of the home page for important reminders including County Orientation meeting dates from the link above. In addition, follow ALJBS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat as we make our final preparations for this year's session.

High School juniors should visit our Delegate Information page to see how the application process works. Use the search feature on our site. Don't forget to read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). As a last resort, we welcome your feedback through this online form.

originally posted May 02, 2019