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Pre-ALJBS reading assignments announced

The Government of New Jersey available online

June 5, 2017

Dear 2017 American Legion Jersey Boys State Delegates:

In addition to the suggestions posted on the front page of our website (see letter from Director Bagatelle and President Howarth) one of the best ways to prepare for this year's session of the ALJBS program is to begin reading our text book: The Government of New Jersey (click for PDF). You will receive a copy of this text book when you arrive on Sunday, June 18. This has been prepared by the volunteer staff of the ALJBS program to assist you in your journey toward becoming a Statesman of the American Legion Jersey Boys State program when you graduate on Friday, June 23.

Please use this last week prior to the 72nd session to get an early start on some of reading assignments that you will be discussing with your city counselors and experiencing in our learn-by-doing approach to our college-level seminar. Below you will find all of the reading assignments for the week to help you prepare for your time at Rider University. The ALJBS Exam is a 25 question multiple choice test that will measure the effectiveness of our teaching methods.

Page 1
Page 3
Page 4
An Introduction to American Legion Boys State
Page 5
ALJBS Governmental Organization
Page 5
Running for a Political Office at ALJBS
Pages 7-11
Introduction to New Jersey Gov't: Municipal Government
Pages 44-48
Political Parties and Elections in New Jersey
Pages 51-54
Forms of Municipal Gov't at ALJBS
Pages 58-61
ALJBS Appointments
Pages 62-70
Political Parties at ALJBS
Pages 49-50
Information and Facts About New Jersey
8:30 AM
REVIEW: Pre-session reading above
11:45 PM
Page 83
Sample Ordinance
Pages 12-19
Introduction to NJ Gov't: County Government
Pages 20-29
Introduction to NJ Gov't: State Gov't - The Legislative Branch
Pages 55-57
Forms of County Gov't at ALJBS
Pages 71-80
The ALJBS Legislature
11:30 PM
Pages 29-33
Introduction to NJ Gov't: State Gov't - The Executive Branch
Pages 39-44
Introduction to NJ Gov't: State Gov't - Public Safety & Law Enforcement
Pages 27-28
How a Bill Becomes a Law
Pages 84-87
Parliamentary Procedure
11:00 PM
Pages 33-39
Introduction to NJ Gov't: State Gov't - The Judicial Branch
Pages 81-82
ALJBS Municipal Courts
10:45 PM
11:15 PM
REVIEW and Prepare for ALJBS Exam

Feel free to save an electronic copy of this to your smart phones, tablets or other devices. Again, there is no need to print this material at home as one will be provided when you arrive. Also, we encourage you to check out our packing list, in particular we ask that you review what you should and should not bring (don't bring laptops/tablets; allowed to bring mobile phones).

Packets were mailed out the week of June 5th, you should go retrieve the Medical Form and other documents you'll need from the 2017 Information page. Please continue to visit our website for more information as it becomes available prior to June 18. We look forward to having you at this year's session!

David S. Bagatelle
American Legion Jersey Boys State

originally posted June 05, 2017