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Important Information for Potential Participants

The ALJBS On-line Application has been open since February 1 and with over 500 completed applications, the process is well under way. Although the application is open for anyone to apply to the program, controls are in place in that all applications need to flow through an American Legion Post in New Jersey before an applicant will be considered a "delegate" to the program. In order to become a delegate, you must be sponsored by an American Legion Post.

First some quick definitions for the language we use below:

Applicant - a rising high school senior who goes on-line to fill out the on-line application.
Delegate - a qualified applicant who was told by their school representative or local American Legion Post Boys State Chairman that they are going to ALJBS - their spot is reserved and funds have been secured for their attendance at the week-long leadership seminar beginning on Father's Day and should be planning to attend a County Orientation as well as planning ahead with their teachers to move exams or other conflicts from the time of this year's session.
Alternate - a qualified applicant who does not have the funds secured for the program in June - they should attend a County Orientation and keep in contact with their school representative or local American Legion Post Chairman in the event that another delegate chosen above them cannot make the program.

Below are three scenarios by which applications can come in to the On-line System, listed in order of preference:

Scenario A: I was selected by my High School Guidance Department; History teacher or other teacher; and/or interviewed with my local American Legion Post who told me to go on-line to and fill out the application. They told me my sponsoring post number and that I was a Delegate or Alternate. They instructed me to follow the instructions on-line to get my completed, printed application signed by me, my parents/guardian, my HS Principal and return it to the American Legion Post where they were going to forward it on to Department HQ in Trenton. I am a Delegate so I know my spot is reserved and am planning to attend my County Orientation, have downloaded my Medical Form and regularly check the website for any information related to my time at ALJBS starting on Father's Day. Or I am an Alternate - I know my spot isn't reserved, but I should plan on attending a County Orientation and prepare to attend the session in case a spot frees up for me.

Scenario B: I was told by my HS Guidance Dept; History/other teacher; and/or my American Legion Post to go on-line to ahead of my interview with my local Post to fill out and print a completed application. I filled in my sponsoring post number and left my Delegate/Alternate status to "Unknown" then completed the rest of the application and printed out the PDF. I signed the application, as did my parent/guardian, my HS Principal and then brought the application to my interview where I left it with the Boys State Chairman. He said he would notify me of my application status - whether I was a Delegate, Alternate or not chosen. I will await that notification to determine what I should do next, but I know that will help me on the next phase in the process.

Scenario C: I heard about the Boys State program and stumbled upon their website While there I saw that I meet all the requirements for this year's program, also there was an on-line application so I decided to apply. I completely filled out the on-line application and don't know what to do next; or am waiting for someone to contact me.

Regarding Scenario C - hopefully you've read the process in A and B and realize that there is a sponsorship process and that all applicants must be signed off by a local American Legion Post. You should now complete your application to the best of your ability and use the Posts page on our site to find an American Legion post near you; first search for the posts that have sponsored in your town or county, then look at the other posts on our page in the second list who have not been sponsoring delegates for the past few years. Again ALL applications must be signed off and sent in by a Post Boys State Chairman!

Furthermore, if you are interested in joining the Band, that application can be found within the On-line Application System once you login by clicking 'Add/Edit Band Application.' Important: All printed, signed, completed applications MUST be received by our Trenton HQ by June 1, 2016 and matched to sponsorship dollars at that point. We encourage you to use all resources on our website first before emailing us regarding the process to find a sponsor.

We hope this clears up any confusion. Be sure to check our 2016 Information page as well as the Help page within the On-line Application system.

We hope to see you at American Legion Jersey Boys State 2016 - "A Week That Shapes the Future."

originally posted April 10, 2016