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Dear High School Band Director,

The Boys State Band organizes, rehearses, and first performs a full concert in just under six hours. We rely on the character traits of students that will be attending the program, and your teachings and daily band rehearsal technique, in addition to individual musicianship. There is no time for seating auditions so a student's resume, honors ensemble acceptances/participations, solo performances, and your confidential recommendation, among other requested items, are used as the seating criteria.

Please note: Students must be members of their high school band or orchestra to be eligible for the Boys State Band, the same requirements as for Region and All-State auditions. Only band instruments are used including acoustic (upright) bass - no piano, other stringed instruments, accordion, etc., however, available bagpipers are used as soloists!

Thank you,

Michael A. Kallimanis,
ALJBS Dean of Music
(201) 370-0423

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