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See the notes below for help filling an application for American Legion Jersey Boys State 2022. If any other questions, please email us.


Questions? Concerns? PLEASE read below, then feel free to reach out to us:
Email our On-line Application Team (apply@aljbs.org).

1. Valid Email address (Your initial password for logon will be sent here, as well as other updates). Don't have one? Try free services like Mail.com, AOL, or G-Mail OR search for your own service here.
2. PDF Viewer Please note: To print your completed application, documents will be generated in PDF format, you will need a PDF viewer to print your form. If you don't have a PDF reader, try Adobe Acrobat Reader: download it now for free.

Welcome to the On-line Application for American Legion Jersey Boys State (ALJBS). 2014 was the first year in which an on-line application was instituted for our program. NEW for 2016, the Band Application is now on-line here as well. We hope you will find the system easy to use. All data entered on-line will sync to American Legion Department of New Jersey Headquarters in Trenton, NJ; however, the printed paper applications will serve the purpose for signatures and other information. Please follow the steps below:

1. Register for an account on this site. Fill out some basic demographic data about yourself. An email message will then be sent with your initial password.
2. Look in your email for an email from "ALJBS On-line Application <apply@aljbs.org>" (Be sure to check SPAM & JUNK mail folders too) The message will contain your login credentials - follow the instructions to login to the site.
3. Follow the screens to fill out the rest of our on-line application, including the survey questions.
4. COMPLETE your application and generate your printed documents. (You will receive an email reminding you where to retrieve your Application)
5. Retrieve your printed PDF document - double check that all information is accurate and spelled correctly (Section A in image below).
6. PRINT your PDF document to your home / work / school computer (you may also log back on later to retrieve and print your application). Also SIGN and date the 5 requirements. (Section B)
7. Have your parent or guardian COMPLETE the Insurance questions (Section C) [Please print LEGIBLY] and SIGN/DATE the printed document at the bottom of the form (Section C). Please note, lack of insurance coverage does NOT disqualify your participation.
8. BRING your application to your High School for your Principal to validate your eligibility as a High School Junior. (Section D)
9. BRING your COMPLETED application to your sponsoring American Legion Post Boys State Chairman. S/he will SIGN/DATE (Section E), collect your application and mail it to Department Headquarters in Trenton by the due date.
10. Once all steps above are completed, Trenton HQ will process your application. SAVE the DATE for this year's session: June 19-24, 2022 .
11. Visit the American Legion Jersey Boys State website (www.aljbs.org) often to answer all of your questions, you can download the MEDICAL FORM and visit the list of COUNTY ORIENTATIONS that take place in April, May and June!
12. In late May, you will receive a packet from Trenton HQ containing your "Blue Book", Medical Form, and "Permit to Register" card. Your Medical Form and Permit to Register will need to be brought with you to Registration on June 19.

Band Application: Once you complete the Survey Questions in step 3, a link will be provided for ANYONE to sign up for Jersey Boys State Band. Keep in mind this is a CONCERT Band - see the application or this section on main website for more information on the Band.
Congratulations on your selection! We hope to see you in June at Rider University for "A Week That Shapes the Future"!

See the image below for a sample blank application denoted by sections to be completed by the applicant and signed off by parents/guardians, HS Principal, and Boys State Chairman.

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