Charles Lin elected 74th ALJBS Governor

Sullivan Meyer named Lieutenant Governor

Charles Lin [Buchanan City #14] of North Brunswick (Middlesex County), Post #12 was elected the 2019 ALJBS Governor election, the ALJBS Political Desk announced today.

Charles Lin and Lieutenant Governor Sullivan Meyer [Fillmore City #12] of Pennington (Mercer County), Post #339 shared an embrace after Director Bagatelle announced the results to the assembled delegation around 2:40 PM. The duo posed for photos along with Director Bagatelle and State Party Chairman Albert Joseph [Polk City #10] of Hackettstown (Warren County), Post #164 before posing for photos with the Director and President Ted Howarth.

Lin, the 74th ALJBS governor, and Meyer were then escorted to their office in New Jersey State Police squad cars. The governor and his cabinet will announce their appointments later tonight.