American Legion Jersey Boys State

American Legion Jersey Boys State
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Medical Information

Jersey Boys State has its own first aid staff, located in a Lounge of one of the Dormitories. Should you need any kind of medical attention, please inform your counselor. Should an emergency arise, your counselor is well briefed on procedures to follow to get you immediate aid.
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Medication policy: All medication taken by a statesman must be identified and declared to the statesman's Senior City Counselor, who will inform a member of the Boys State EMS staff as appropriate. Statesman with non-narcotic medication who currently self-medicate are able to do so at Boys State with parental consent. Narcotic medication and medication that requires administration by a nurse MUST be reported to your counselor and WILL be stored and secured in the EMS office. Narcotic medication cannot be stored in a statesman's room. Any medication needing refrigeration will be stored in the EMS office. If a statesman is prescribed a narcotic or needs assistance with taking their medication, a consultation with EMS Staff, the statesman's Senior City Counselor and the statesman (and parents/guardians, if needed) will occur on Sunday to create a schedule of administration based on the statesman's needs. All medical information will be kept confidential and secured during the session.