Registration: June 17th

Jersey Boys State Registration Process
Bart Luedeke Center, Cavalla Room

For Driving Directions to the campus please click here or here (for a new window)

Registration begins at 8:00 am and ends at 9:30 am on Sunday June 17th (Father's Day).

Upon your arrival on the campus of Rider University by entering the main gate at the traffic light, proceed directly to the Bart Luedeke Center, Cavalla Room (around the top of the campus mall, 2nd building on right past Library) Boys State staff will be on hand to direct you.

(Alternately, your best bet is to drive 300 yards past Rider's main entrance to the "South Entrance" and make a right into campus. Once you go through the security gate, proceed to the large parking lot on your right, you will see the backs of the Alumni Gym and Student Recreation Center (SRC). Delegates will need to register in the building at the rear of the parking lot, the Bart Luedeke Center. Proceed up the steps of the main entrance and walk to the rear of the building to the entrance to the Cavalla Room)

You will see a banner over the entrance which says "American Legion Jersey Boys State". Make sure the delegate has his completed and signed Medical Form, and Permit to Register Card. Additionally, the only money (or check) needed will be to purchase an additional ALJBS shirt ($15), and if playing in the band, their Musical Instrument should be brought inside Registration for storage. Parents and guests should wait outside or in the lobby and not enter the doors to the registration tables. Delegates will exit the Bart Luedeke Center, Cavalla Room from the Side doors (to right side of building) and be directed to their dorm across the main mall and throughout campus. This map can be used to navigate to your assigned city/dorm.

(Scroll down to see a graphic of the items you will need or keep reading the details below.)

As delegates enter the Bart Luedeke Center, Cavalla Room , they will be pointed to our EMS staff. They will review your medical form and discuss it with you. If you do not have this form properly completed, you will not be allowed to register.

Upon entering the main registration area, you will see computer stations set up for registration. (ALTERNATES: go directly to the chairs beyond the Alternate table for further instructions.) If you are a Delegate, proceed directly to ANY computer station and present to the person sitting behind the table your "permit to register" card. They will validate your information in our system, then give you a white label which will have your dormitory, room, and political party assignment. You will then receive a wristband (used to identify you for meals and security).

Next head toward the back of the Cavalla Room where you will be given one Boys State shirt. We recommend that you buy an additional shirt at this time. Others can be purchased during the week. (Extra shirt is $15 and checks can be made payable to "ALJBS" or "American Legion Jersey Boys State")

Return to the rear of the Cavalla Room and if you will be a member of the Jersey Boys State Band and have been contacted by our Dean of Music, drop off your musical instrument. Before you leave the Cavalla Room , you will shown a map of the dormitories to help you locate your city/dorm.

When you arrive at your dormitory, you will be greeted by your counselors who will take your label and get you started.

To expedite the process and shorten the amount of time delegates are inside the Registration area, we kindly ask that all parents wait outside for their son. Make sure the delegate has his "permit to register" card, signed and (optionally notarized) Medical form, any money to purchase additional Boys State shirt(s) ($15 each - checks to "ALJBS"), and his band instrument (if applicable). We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Again, this map can be used to navigate to your assigned city/dorm.
Here is an excerpt from our County Orientation presentation regarding the items you will need for Registration: