Check-in: June 19th

Jersey Boys State Check-in Process
Parking Lot via South Entrance

For driving directions to the campus please click here or here (for a new window)

Check-in begins at 7:15 am and ends at 10:00 am on Sunday June 19th (Father's Day). Check-in this year will be held in Parking Lot on the South Side of Campus..

Last names beginning with A-F should arrive between 7:15am-8:00am
Last names beginning with G-O should arrive between 8:00am-8:45am
Last name beginning with P-Z should arrive between 8:45am-9:30am

295 to Rider University

ALJBS Sunday Check-in at Rider

Leaving Rider University back to 295

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are employing a contactless check-in system. This means that we ask everyone to remain in their vehicles during the check-in process. Once you have passed the documentation and temperature checks, the statesman alone will be asked to exit the vehicle and retrieve their belongings. The driver and other passengers are asked to remain in their vehicle. After the statesman has removed his belongings from the vehicle, we ask that the driver start their journey home. So, make sure to get your hugs in before arriving on campus. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to accompany their statesmen to the dorms due to COVID concerns. Please understand that we are trying to get through this check-in process as quickly as possible, so please ensure that you are following directions.

(Statesmen driving themselves should go through the contactless check-in and then will be directed where to park)

We will not have food, water, or restrooms available during the check-in process. Please stop before you arrive on campus to take care of these items. You may need to sit in line for long periods of time. We thank you for your patience.

Instead of using the main entrance to Rider University at the traffic light, we ask that all vehicular traffic use the "South Entrance". Drive 300 yards past Rider's main entrance to the "South Entrance" and make a right into campus. Once you go through the security gate, continue straight to the intersection near the Bart Luedeke Center. Follow the instructions of our traffic assistants who will direct you where to go. Vehicles should stay on the pathway through the South parking lot and then cross over to the North parking lot. At this point, traffic will split into 6, then eventually, 8 lanes to go through the check-in stations. Once checked in, the delegate will carry their belongings North through the parking lot, paying attention to the directions of our crossing guards toward their dorm. If the statesman has brought to much to carry, they can leave the extra material in a parking spot and return for it.

Make sure the delegate has his completed and signed Medical Form, and "Permit to Register" form. Additionally, the only money (or checks) needed will be to purchase an additional ALJBS shirt or other items from our store - see our Packing List for more details, and if playing in the band, their Musical Instrument should be brought to the band table along the pedestrian pathway to storage. Parents and guests should wait in their vehicles until the statesman has removed their belongings, and then drive off of campus to make space for other parents doing drop off. Delegates will exit the Parking Lot via South Entrance and be directed to their dorm across the main mall and throughout campus. This map can be used to navigate to your assigned city/dorm.

(Scroll down to see a graphic of the items you will need or keep reading the details below.)

As delegates walk toward their dorm, they may need to stop by our EMS table to speak with the medical staff. Please help us avoid this hold up by ensuring your medical forms are complete on the CampDoc system. If you do not have this form properly completed, you will not be allowed to check-in.

(ALTERNATES: after check-in, follow the signs to the Alternates Table in the SRC and await further instructions.) If you are a Delegate, proceed directly to your dorm and present 1. your "Permit to Register" form and 2. signed, completed Medical Health Screening Form to your counselor. They will validate your information in our system and then show you to your room where your shirt will be waiting for you.

Again, this map can be used to navigate to your assigned city/dorm.
Here is an excerpt from our County Orientation presentation regarding the items you will need for Registration: